Sunday Night Howl
Weekly Announcements sent every Sunday Night at 6pm


Good Evening New Tech Students and Families! This is Principal Martin with your Sunday Night Howl!
This week is DOL Week! We are on a minimum day schedule. This means regular classes will get out at 12:39pm. Please note, students who are presenting their DOL or who are volunteering as student panelists will need to remain on campus until about 3:45pm on the day they are scheduled. During this week, ALL of our 10th and 12th grade students are expected to present their Defense of Learning or DOL. This is a very formal presentation so all student presenters AND student panelist are required to dress professionally. If your student is a 10th or 12th grader, please check with them so you know when they are scheduled to present. Many of our 9th and 11th grader students have been selected or have volunteered to be panel members to help ask questions and give feedback to their presenting peers. we encourage our students to be panel members so they can see what a DOL presentation looks like as they will be presenting next year. If you have a 9th or 11th grade student, please be sure to speak to them so you know if they are on a panel and what day they are scheduled.

All other students MUST leave the campus by 12:50pm so it is important that they all know their way home. The campus will be closed to anyone who is not part of our DOL program on any given day this week. Thank you to all of our parents who have stepped up and agreed to volunteer to be on a panel. You are are huge part of creating the most authentic experience for our students. Your presence is very important to this process.

We are 100% focused on DOL this week, so this will be the only topic of our announcements this week. If you have any questions, or if you want to confirm when your student needs to remain on campus after school, please do not hesitate to reach out by text or email. I will do my best to respond in a timely manner.

This will conclude your announcement for the week of April 14th through the 20th. Good Luck on those DOL’s Timberwolves!