Sunday Night Howl
Weekly Announcements sent every Sunday Night at 6pm



Good Evening New Tech Students and Families!  This is Principal Martin with your Sunday Night Howl.


Thank you to all of our parents who have donated supplies, snacks, and money to our school.  All of those donations make a huge impact on our school climate.  You make it possible for us to provide the best school experience possible.  If you have been wanting to donate, but aren’t sure what to give, right now we could use some kleenex.  We have had a lot of sick students and we have been going through a lot of tissue.  If you have a box or two to spare, please send them in with your student.


At New Tech, we have an advisory program.  All of our students meet in their advisory class for 30 minutes every day.  Advisory’s are grade level and students ideally remain with the same advisory teacher all four years.  We consider our advisory program to be the heart of our school.  Think of it this way; if our school was a village, the advisory classes would each be a family within our village.  In advisory, we read, we participate in culture building activities, we bond, and sometimes we have friendly competition with each other.  Right now, we are in the middle of an advisory volleyball tournament.  Every Monday, our entire school participates in our Independent Reading Program or IRP during Advisory.  It’s so cool to walk around to each class and see every student engaged in reading.  With the weather getting better soon, we are planning some IRP events outside on the grass.  To help us with this event we are asking families if they would be willing to donate any clean, gently used blankets that we can loan to students for these reading events.  This will allow students to spread out in the park behind the school while they enjoy their books.  Please bring any donated blankets to the front office.


We are still looking for volunteers to be part of our assessment panels during DOL Week.  We need some industry and community volunteers in the following fields:  medical, social work, graphic design, game design, law enforcement, attorneys, construction, automotive, and film or media.  If you or someone you know has a career in one of these fields and are interested in volunteering a few hours in April, please send me an email with their contact information.  DOL Week is April 17th through the 21st and the DOL presentations are from 1:00-4:00 each day that week.


Lastly, this is a reminder that Finals for all of our 8 week block classes are two weeks away!  On March 23rd and 24th, we will have minimum days while our students present their final projects on finals days.  Students will be required to dress professionally so if you need to get some professional clothing, now is the time to start doing that so you are prepared during finals.


This will conclude your announcements for the week of March 12th through the 18th.  We are already halfway through March!  Have a great week Timberwolves!